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Fezz is pleased to introduce Neem Leaf Powder to the Maldives. Neem is a tree native to South Asia and grows in Maldives. In today's lifestyle in cities it is difficult to get access to fresh neel leaves. Therefore, Fezz has produced high quality neem powder and it is currently available for skincare lovers. Maldives being a tropical climate skin diseases are quite common. Almost every household have a person struggling with either pimples or allergies. Neem tree is traditionally regarded a mirracle tree underwhich if you used to sleep you will not have any skin disease. Inspired by tradition, Fezz is here to explore benefits of traditional herbal medicines. In Maldives there is a great need for skin care solutions. It is apparent that people suffering from various skin conditons cannot be permanently cured with pharmacutial medicines. For example people having pimples have to keep on applying creams while pimples keep clearing and coming back. This is very annoying and unconfortable. Thefore, Fezz decided to expore deeper and we found Neel Powder that does the magic. Don't take our word for it, do your research on internet or watch the reviews on youtube.

Product Testimonial

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This is the story of a Maldivian girl who had pimples on her forehead. Pimples were not common to her. When she got some stange pimples on her forehead she rushed to see a doctor. She was lucky to get an appointment with famous dermatologist Dr Haikal. The doctor gave a dream to apply which she did and pimples got cured. But, the annoying pimples kept coming back and she was so annoyed and stressed. That was when she discovered neem powder, a Fezz product. Having heard of the benefits of neem before she decided to try neem. She added water and made a paste, mixed well and applied on her pimples for 5 days in the morning. After 1 hour she would rinse the paste off. She also boiled neem powder in water and applied this water on her forehead before bedtime. She continued this for 5 days. But the pimples were so stubborn, they did not go away and she thought neem powder did not work. After the disappointment she went back to her ointment, within a few days most of the pimples disappeared. But, this time the mirracle happened. Unlike before, the pimples did not come back. This time they were completely gone for good and the girl was thankful for neem powder that saved her. Above is the photo of the 'before and after' provided by this girl, hoping a cure for every hopeless girl. Please note that it may not affect the same way to everybody, even doctor's medicine reacts differently for different people. You can do more research on Youtube, there are countless videos about this herb.

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Where To Buy Neem Powder In Maldives

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Fezz introduced neem powder in the Maldives in December 2020, at the time of introduction there were no other company selling this product. While there are many traders in Maldives selling all kinds of products Fezz is here to deliver the missing piece of the puzzle, Fezz sells only awesome products for beauty and goodness of health. Call +960 9920600 or find us social media to place your order, we have free delivery in Male' City and Hulhumale'. Stay healthy with Fezz!

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